We do obey COVID-19 prevention rule

Dear Customers, 

As COVID-19 pandemic have spread around the world. It has affected shipping internationally in now. 

Our delivery schedule is affected due to reduced flights by COVID-19 situation, so, our team is trying do our best for shipping issue. 


Handling of packages at warehouses

At our warehouse, our staff are required to maintain personal hygiene and go through checks daily before they are allowed to work. The steps of packing remains the same, however warehouse and workspace are cleaned thoroughly to maintain cleanliness.


Delayed Orders due to Covid-19

Due to the frequent change of shipping restriction, customers may face delayed in shipping or shipping tracking does not update. We would like to let you know that is it perfectly normal as your parcels are on a queuing system either at the airport / or at customs pending customs checks. Should there be any return orders due to Covid-19, do contact our customer support team for assistance.

We would like to inform customers that we should be proactive to reduce the number of cases around the world, and it starts by taking up some basic protective measure. Attached below are some guideline by World Health Organisation for your viewing.